I’m kind of a big deal…

I’m really proud of myself. I’ve been quite productive this evening.

After teaching school, I managed to:

  • Go get my hair trimmed with LD and JD as my entourage
  • Pick up AH from Mrs. A’s
  • Come home to a husband cooking dinner (this isn’t one of those things on my list that took effort but I really wanted to mention his awesomeness)
  • Folded laundry
  • After our family dinner, I bathed AH
  • Went for a 2 mile run
  • Got AH dressed for bed & tucked her in complete with prayers, an additional impromptu potty break and a drink of water
  • Folded laundry
  • Tucked LD & JD in bed (again, not lots of work, given their ages, but an enjoyable part of our Thursday night routine)
  • Straightened up the bathroom (aka picking up all the crap everyone else left behind on the floor this evening)
  • Type this blog post while keeping my eyelids open.
  • 20130131-233001.jpg*Note: this is only about a third of what I folded.

    Remind me of all this accomplishment tomorrow morning after I’ve overslept. I will want to remember my burst of productive energy when I’m dragging arse looking for AH’s shoes, helping LD find the jeans she wants to wear to school, signing JD’s school planner and trying to get out the door on time while remembering my coffee.