>Blog of the Month: Motherhood, WTF?

>Each month I select a blog to be featured as The Working Momaholic’s Blog of the Month. Basically, I select a blog I enjoyed reading or found helpful during the month and show some love by spreading the word about their blog.

This month’s Blog of the Month is….

Motherhood, WTF?

This blogger mom is HILARIOUS. She finds the humor in the not-so-awesome moments of motherhood and is completely honest, which I love. Click this link to her blog or find her on

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>Do they have a 12-step program for that?

>Ok, y’all. I’m quitting, cold turkey. My daily habit of sodas and sweets is coming to an end. I’m usually very conscious about what I eat. I try to make sure I have a balanced diet and buy organic when I can. But the last few months have really not been pretty.

I have come to realize that my intake of all things chocolate or carbonated has seriously gotten out of control.

At first I thought, “I don’t have problem. I’m totally in control. I can quit anytime.”

Meet my pusher…

But now I’ve decided to do something about it. So, starting tomorrow (I’m a procrastinator), I am going give up chocolate and carbonated beverages…for 30 days. What, like I’d really give it up for good? Um, no, don’t judge.

Anyway, I’m declaring it publicly so I’ll be held accountable. We’ll see how it goes.


>Feelin’ Funky?

>Every now and then I find myself in a rut.

Nothing too overly dramatic, but in a funk, so to speak. Once I realize I’m there I usually ask myself the following questions:

1. First and foremost, Is this PMS? (or AMS -after menstrual syndrome :))

2. What am I really upset about? (because sometimes it’s not what’s got me worked up at the moment)

3. Am I overreacting? (which I am totally capable of but let’s not freely admit that to The Husband)

Once I really take a look at what’s going on with my mood, I usually figure out what’s causing my party pooper attitude.

Lately, I think I’m lacking a little TLC for me. You know what I mean, when everyone else comes first and you’re stuck in last place? I’m no expert but I know I’m not the first mom in history to feel this way. In fact, just in speaking to other moms I know, this is unfortunately common.

I think in some cases, or at least in mine currently, it’s my own fault. I’m really bad about neglecting what I need/want so that everyone else is sure to be taken care of. I’ll rarely speak up about it until it’s really gotten under my skin and by that time, two-headed-monster mom is already starting to make an appearance. Life happens and lots of times, once the dust settles, I realize all I really need is to take time for me. It’s not always easy or convenient but it always helps.

Just a few of the things that make me feel more myself:

1. Reconnecting with God. -lots of times when I’m in a funk I realize it’s because I need a little perspective and who better to give that to me, than Him.

2. Date Night with The Husband. -Doesn’t even need to be anything fancy, just as long as we can have food and uninterrupted conversation away from home.

3. Time with my girls. -Whether it’s a weekly book club or a night out to dinner and drinks, it’s great to have that girl time.

4. Taking pictures. -I love taking pictures and I rarely have subjects that aren’t my children so when I do, it’s really refreshing.

5. Other TLC tasks: the typical pamper yourself stuff, of course. Mani/Pedi, massage, an extra long bath with no one coming in to bug you, etc.

I could probaly think of a list a mile long and some days these five things would be different than they are today. But the most important thing is that I make time for whatever it is I’m needing at the moment. This is ultimately easier said than done but I’m going to give it the “old college try.”

If these things aren’t your cup of tea, take a look at this link for more ideas:


Grocery Store Diaries…

>Ok moms, we’ve all been there (and if you say you haven’t, no one believes you)… That awkward moment in the grocery store when total strangers look at you in anticipation of your next move. You just said the two letter word (No!) that can turn your little cherub into Veruca Salt in .5 seconds flat. Your kid is on the brink of a Supermarket Meltdown and your response could make or break the situation. The tiny human in front of you is trying to call your bluff and all eyes are on you. Do you cave and make baby happy or do you stand firm and show baby who’s boss?

The thing is, it’s really a lose/lose situation. Because no matter what you do, the spectators are going to make snap judgements about your parenting skills, or what they deem to be lack thereof. If you cave, then your parenting is suddenly to blame for this behavior and the kid “needs discipline.” If you stand your ground, they look at you with contempt because now they have to listen to your kid howl through the aisles while they pray she will just shut up. Others just seem glad to have the free entertainment. They’ll make wagers on how long you’ll last in the express lane before giving up and walking out of the store empty handed to avoid a Screamer on Aisle 4. Some will whisper while gawking at you and others will make no attempt to hide their disdain for how you handled-or didn’t handle-the situation.

This used to bother me. But now I just look at it like this; unless they’re buying my groceries, it doesn’t matter what they think of my Mommy-isms behind the buggy. You see, folks, it’s all about balance for me…which means if I give in and open the carton of Goldfish before checking out, my toddler’s tush remains seated with hands and feet inside the grocery vehicle at all times. Everybody wins; baby is happy shoving fists of crackers in her mouth, mom’s happy to avoid theatrics and get the shopping done. Sorry spectators, nothing to see here.

>Flor Inc. is good…FREE Flor Inc. is better :)

>LOVE this! I hadn’t even heard of this company until reading about it on The Staying Home and Staying Sane Blog. Flor Inc. has basically married tile with carpet to make versatile flooring that can fit any room in your house. They have TONS of different designs and colors to suit just about any style. They also use eco-friendly materials so you can feel better about your decision to change your floors up. But now for the best part…Staying Home and Staying Sane Blog is doing a giveaway so you have a chance to get this Flor for FREE! Check out the link below…


>Almost two and already terrible…

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the Terrible Two’s. Never mind that my daughter is 22 months old. What happened?!? I was supposed to have another two months of my sweet cuddly baby, right? Wrong. She has developed full blown Do-It-Myself-itis and a bad case of Tempertantrumania.

Just yesterday morning, when I was getting her ready to take to the sitter, she was very adamant about putting on her pants herself. I tried to be patient and let her but after several minutes of putting two legs in one hole, I had to step in so I could get to work on time. The second I picked her up to help her get dressed, she went completely limp and started squealing in a high shrill that I’m sure only moms and dogs can hear. Where do they learn this maneuver? It’s, like, standard toddler procedure. Mom says no and tries to pick you up? Go limp and scream. Mom takes something away? Go limp and scream. Don’t get your chocolate milk fast enough? Go limp and scream.

Just picture it, if I lost it every time the grocery store is out of organic milk or The Husband doesn’t do something exactly how I would. I’m tempted to try rolling on the floor kicking and screaming when someone in the office drinks the last of the coffee and doesn’t start brewing a new pot. Can you imagine if moms everywhere, working or SAH, resorted to this tactic? Kids across the nation would be baffled!

I’ve read all about this stage and what the “correct” responses are. And who knows if I’m doing this whole mom thing right. I guess we do the best we can and by the Grace of God they turn out okay. For the most part she’s a very happy little girl but when she’s not, she definitely makes it no secret. I keep reminding myself that this phase doesn’t last forever and when that doesn’t help; there’s always a bottle of wine on standby 🙂

>Free skin care? um, yes please!

>One of my fave blogs is Staying Home and Staying Sane, Not only is this blog relatable for moms (working AND stay at home moms) but this blogging mama is all about the GIVEAWAYS! Okay, as a working mom who loves her job but works out of necessity, my family is on a budget. And that means that sometimes, okay most of the time, I won’t buy something for me that isn’t on the list as a true “must have.” Skin care and beauty products don’t tend to fall into this category for me. Like many moms, I scrimp and save by not taking care of me, and that includes my skin. So, of course I was jumping at the chance to win FREE products that would be just for me. Staying home and Staying Sane blog is giving away 3 Glow Naturals products. Great for any mom who just wants to pamper their skin on someone else’s dime. Oh and the products are all natural, too. Check it out!