Y is for You’ve gotta see this

A couple weeks ago, when I was trying to plan AH’s third birthday party, I wanted to get her something fun to wear for the festivities.

In my panic to get all the invites sent, party favors made, decorations finished and plan the snacks, I completely neglected to get her an outfit.

Thankfully, my sister thought to mention it to our family friend, Rita, owner of Just Too Cute online shop.

My sister told her about the Candyland party we were having and she came up with an adorable rainbow skirt and tutu with matching bows for AH to wear. Thankfully, my sister picked up a coordinating shirt and, tah dah, a birthday outfit is born!



Pretty adorable, right?

This is the second outfit we’ve gotten from Just Too Cute and both times I’ve been really please with not only the cuteness but the quality. These items weren’t just thrown together. Each was carefully hand crafted and/or sewn with attention to detail, right down to the tags she puts on them(Hello? There is even a tag for washing instructions!).



And durable. Her clothes are made to look sweet and dainty but they’ll hold up to the toddler test. AH can be tough on her clothes but she has a pillowcase dress Rita made for her about a year ago and it still intact and looks great. The fabrics she uses are great quality and neither outfit has faded.

Another great thing about this online boutique is that she doesn’t just do clothes. She also does coordinating accessories and jewelry. Seriously, this chick is talented.

I have a couple favorites in addition to the outfits/bows we already have. The Jessie from Toy Story inspired ruffle bottom and pinafore are so precious and could even double as a Halloween costume. And the black and white shabby chic romper is another favorite.

Needless to say, I am a very big fan of this Etsy clothing artist. I believe in her product and her business and felt it unfair to keep this little gem to myself. Her creations definitely live up to the name, Just Too Cute and thanks to my sister and Rita, AH was exactly that.

**NOTE: All opinions expressed in this review are my own and I received no monetary compensation for writing this. .

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