If I had known

If I knew how incredibly painful this recovery would be…

If I knew how nauseous the medicine would make me…

If I knew how drawn out the recovery was…

I would not have had my tonsils removed. I would have told the doctor it was never going to happen no matter how necessary they thought it was. I would have just suffered through the next round of tonsillitis and would have tolerated the amount of times I’ve gotten sick lately.

This recovery has been incredibly hard. It hurts to talk, swallow, yawn, drink, laugh, and the pain medicine burns the open wounds in my throat as it goes down. It even hurts to cry. I am constantly in pain, chronically hungry and the pain medication has me on the verge of Barfville.

20121229-095416.jpg(the staples of my current diet)

On top of that, school starts back on January 7th and I’m so worried ill still be hurting. Talking makes me sore now even in small amounts so I can’t imagine a full day of teaching Pre-K students.

I cling to the moments after my pain medication has kicked in (before the nausea starts) and think to myself that it can’t be like this forever. It will get better.

I also remind myself of others who have endured much more than my simple little procedure. There are cancer patients who have suffered from nausea and recoveries far more drawn out than mine. There are soldiers who have suffered the removal of limbs rather than my measly disgusting tonsils. I am amazed at their strength and think of what a wuss I am to be complaining about how bad my throat hurts.

But, as the saying goes, this too shall pass. And when it does, I’ll likely 10-15 pounds lighter since I can’t partake if anything that isn’t in liquid form.

Hey, I’m trying to find a bright side in all of this.

Happy blogging pain medication,

Gladware Snowglobes: A Christmas craft

Now that I’ve got plenty of time on my hands and nothing to do but get well, I have a chance to write about some of the fun things we made at school before Christmas break started.

My favorite has to be the Snowglobes my mentor teacher and I made with our classes.

Too cute, really easy to make, and the kids loved them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

•Glad 4 oz Mini Round Containers & Lids
•Jumbo sized marshmallows (I used just over a bag for a class of 22)
•Black permanent markers
•Wooden toothpicks
•Orange chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners)
•A hot glue gun and glue sticks
•Fake snow
•Silver glitter (aka Christmas spirit 🙂 )
•Ribbon (optional*)

I did these in small groups of students since there was a hot glue gun involved. I did all the hot gluing but with little ones, I thought it best to be able to keep an eye on each of them as they made their snowmen.

My prep work included cutting the orange pipe cleaners into 1/2-3/4 inch pieces for noses, breaking toothpicks in half for the arms and plugging in the hot glue gun.

I gave each child two marshmallows, a permanent marker, a “nose,” and two “arms.” Each student used the black markers to draw coal eyes, and a mouth on one marshmallow, and then buttons on the other. Then they push the orange “nose” into the face marshmallow and an “arm” in each side of the snowman body.

Once the snowman parts are put together, that’s where I come in with the hot glue gun.

First, I glue the two marshmallows together to make an assembled snowman.

Then I put hot glue on top of the snowman’s head and glue him upside down to the bowl portion of the mini container.



Then I let the kids add a pinch or two of fake snow and a sprinkle of Christmas spirit (silver glitter).

Once they’ve added the snow and glitter, the bottom of the snow globe is ready to be put on.


To ensure a tight seal, I used hot glue around the inside of the lid rim and then pressed the lid on securely.


I had each child turn over their snow globe, give it a shake and voila! A snow globe is born. (*Optional: hot glue a ribbon loop with a bow to the top of the snow glove and create an ornament).


Happy blogging and Christmas crafts,

All I want for Christmas is my two tonsils

Yesterday was Polar Express day at school and I missed it. While my adorable little school kids sported their pajamas, drank chocolate milk and watched Polar Express, I was having my tonsils taken out.

It’s my first Christmas break as a school teacher and I’m spending it recovering from surgery. Total bummer, I know.

But it did help when I got home and saw there was already a care package and a homemade card waiting for me from the bestie.


Great, right?

So, yesterday was spent waiting for anesthesia to wear off and pain meds to kick in. My mom and dad picked up prescriptions and brought ice cream. I’ve done a lot of sleeping and drinking my meals.

The Husband has been great, taking care of everything that needs to be done. He even did some last minute Christmas shopping and made Christmas cookies with AH.

Our big kids are here for Christmas and they’ve been pretty helpful, too. Poor LD has endured her little sister wanting to be by her side the entire time.

I’ve heard day 3 (which would be tomorrow) is the worst in terms of pain. Hopefully, that’s not true. This evening has been a bit more painful than yesterday but hopefully it will start getting better by Christmas. I really don’t want to be a Scrooge.

In the mean time, if anyone has any pain relieving tips, I would LOVE to hear them.

Happy blogging,

Seeing things from a different view

It’s everywhere you look this evening. News of the Connecticut elementary school shooting is all over the television, Internet and social media.

Another senseless shooting, killing innocent people.

Every time something like this happens, I react as a mother. I think of my own children and how grateful I am that they are healthy and safe.

I can never wrap my head around wicked things that happen like that. But this time it really got to me.

Because now I am a teacher and I have a new perspective that I didn’t have 4 months ago.

I teach small children. Sweet, loving, little children who have never imagined something so horrific was even possible.

I simply cannot fathom someone going into an elementary school with the intention of killing small children. I can’t help but think not only “what if that had been one of my children?” but also, “What if that had been my class, our school?”

I think of each one of my students and their little faces as they walk in my classroom each day and how much I am blessed by who they are.

I think about all those poor babies and what they must have gone through and it infuriates me that someone would turn school into a place where children don’t feel safe.

I just don’t understand it.

Tonight, I will go to bed with a grateful heart as I snuggle with AH, knowing she is safe. And I will thank God for the opportunity to greet my students again on Monday. I know some will not be as fortunate.

Bah… Humbug.

I started off the Christmas season off with the flu, bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection.

I’m usually annoyingly filled with Christmas spirit…like, just short of Whoville filled.

Being so sick didn’t really make for a jolly start but we’re in full holiday swing now. We’ve got our tree decorated, I’m almost done shopping, I’ve got Christmas carols on any chance I get, and last night we went to visit Santa.

AH picking a gift for Santa.


20121214-165547.jpgJD, LD & AH with Santa

Hope your holiday season is off to a great start!

Happy blogging & many blessings,