The Husband is my homeboy…and other Photo Challenge stuff

I read the photo prompt for Day 22 (Home) and started thing about what picture to post. Of course I thought the obvious choice of a picture featuring my casa, because that’s the easy “home” choice. But I thought more about what makes it my home and decided to use this…

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the only thing that make our house our home. Our entire family, the memories we make and our community make this place home for us. But one day our kids will grow up and move away and it will be us. We may or may not have our memory (I kid… sort of) but, God willing, we’ll be together. Where he is, is home.

Day 23 – Pair

JD and LD are quite the pair. One minute they love each other (but won’t admit it) and the next they’re trying to cause each other bodily harm.

But when it comes down to it, their bond is stronger than even they realize. They have been the constant in each others’ lives for the last 11 years; the one union that has remained in their world since it began…each other.

They have been through a lot together and I hope as adults they realize how lucky they were to have had each other through it all.

Day 24 – Path

This? My friends, is what the path to Muffintop Ville looks like. I got together for coffee with Liz, author of Staying Home and Staying Sane and BFF Extraordinaire and, lets just say we had a bit of a sweet tooth. So we ordered lots of desserts and nearly ate. Them. ALL.

And we won’t apologize for it.

We will, however, justify it with the fact that dessert was actually our dinner so there were really not any extra calories eaten. Or something like that.

Day 25 – Fresh

It’s back to school time and that means a fresh new start on the school year, fresh new clothes and school supplies and, for many, fresh new haircuts. Which gave me the opportunity to show off this beautimous blonde after she got her hair cut this past weekend.


Day 26 – Dream

This was one of those mornings when multiple kids ended up in our bed and somehow they ended up going back to sleep and we were up. How is that even fair?! Every parent’s dream is sleeping late on weekends and they are livin’ it up. AH was even snoring.


The Photo a Day August Challenge is winding down…one more week!!

Happy blogging,

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Days 20 & 21 of the Photo A Day August Challenge

The photo prompt for Monday, the 20th was “Today” so I took this photo after I dropped AH off at Ms. A’s. At the end of the road, in front of me was this view of the morning sun. So, I stopped, took a picture and then continued on my way to work.

Given the bright sunshine and the fact that it’s August on the Texas gulf coast, it was hot on Monday.

But Monday didn’t hold a candle to Tuesday.

When I got in my car to leave the office, the external temperature is showing to be 101 degrees. Day 21 of the challenge is “Cool” and there was nothing cool about 101 degrees.

But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the AC button is glowing, which means my compressor was kicking some boo-tay. So that photo was way cooler than it seemed.

Happy blogging,

Final countdown of Summer

So the fam and I went on a road trip this past weekend. We drove to New Braunfels, TX to camp on the Guadalupe River.


I spent 3 plus hours on the road with The Hubs, a toddler, two teens (LD brought a friend), a tween, and our pug, Dash. And to be honest, it wasn’t bad.

(The many faces* of our road trip)

But by the time we got there, everyone was a little tired of being stuck in a car and we were ready for river fun.

Our campsite was right on the water so all we had to do when we got there was get our swimsuits on and hop in. The Husband and my dad set up the pop-up camper while I nursed a headache and watched the big kids play in the water.

AH got in a little later. I was worried she would be disappointed when we got there because the whole way there, she talked about going “camping to Yogi Bear’s house with the pool.” But she still had a blast splashing around in her floaty swimsuit.

(she tried wearing two at once; one inside* the other)

JD enjoyed floating the “rapids” on the river, that is, until the air leaked out a hole in his float. And he’s now a pro at skipping rocks.

(JD pushing his float that had a hole*)

LD and her friend B decided that they would rather use an old air mattress than rent tubes to float with. For some reason this was an “awesome” idea, even though they knew it had a tiny leak and would only stay filled to float for about an hour to an hour and a half.

(JD, B & LD keeping cool in the Guadalupe River)

The rest of the time they spent just hanging out in the river, undoubtably talking about boys and the upcoming school year.

Our trip seemed way too short but we had a lot of fun. Now, for all intents and purposes, summer is over. Sigh.

This week is filled with earlier bed times, meet-the-teacher nights, and last minute shopping trips for school supplies and clothes.

The countdown to the start of the new school year has begun.

How have you spent the last few weeks of the summer? Does your family end the summer with a trip or get together?

*Photo A Day August: Days 17- 19; Faces, Inside, Hole

River bound


Today we’re traveling to New Braunfels, TX for what I hope is a relaxing weekend.

After about a million times of hearing, “Are we almost there?” I attempted to take a nap. No dice.

So I ate junk food instead.


We are almost there and everyone is now awake. Which means the inquiries on our ETA at the campground have returned.

I’m so ready to be out of this car.


(Photo A Day August Challenge: Days 14,15, 16- Arrow, Ready, Food)

A Simple ‘Stache

Simple –
1. easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter; simple tools.
2. not elaborate or artificial; plain: a simple style.
3. not ornate or luxurious; unadorned: a simple gown.

Tonight, while dinner was cooking, AH and I broke out the crayons and paper for some coloring fun. The end result? These killer mustaches.


It’s funny the conversations you’ll have with a three year old when you just sit back and let her talk about every little thought that comes into her head.

AH was full of random statements…

“Mama, I love cows so much. But not robots and monsters. Cows have five legs.”

“Here, Mama, I got these two colors for you.”

“Mama, I want to go camping at Yogi Bear’s house.”

“Mama, I’m going to make a helicopter!” (paper airplane)

It was really good to have some down time this evening and sometimes the simple things are the most fun.

Oh, and just in case you ever wondered, AH let me know tonight that God, in fact, does not have a mustache.

Happy blogging,

*The prompt for Day 13 in the Photo A Day August Challenge is simple.

A ring, a Samaritan, and a spoon

I’ve got a little catching up to do. This weekend was crazy busy so I didn’t even attempt to write a post. On days 10-12 of the Photo A Day August Challenge, I took lots of pictures but none of them were based on the list.

So here are days 10-12 of the Photo A Day August Challenge…

Day 10: Ring

The first ring that came to mind when I read the list for Day 10 was my wedding ring. When I look at it, I think of what it stands for and how it was given to me. And I imagine what it will look like on my hand 40 years from now and I smile. Also, the Beatles’ “When I’m 64” plays in my head.

Day 11: Purple

The parable of the Good Samaritan is one of the first parables I remember learning about as a child. Its also one of my favorites because it reminds us to put aside our differences, no matter how great or small, and help others. If we have the ability to give of our time, our money, our resources, then we should give if it will help someone in need. I don’t think I’m the Samaritan nearly enough.

Day 12: Spoon

When I read the prompt for Day 12, I thought, “Seriously, a spoon? Take a picture of a spoon. Okay.” When I sat the spoon down on the table to take the picture, the words from Hey Diddle Diddle popped into my head and this photo was born.

Can’t believe it’s almost mid August. That means I’m almost half the way done with the challenge!

Happy blogging,


Too exhausted to think of a decent title

After the last couple days, I’ve had zero brain power left to write and no desire to stare at any type of screen for an extended amount of time. But in an effort to fulfill my Photo A Day August Challenge, I still took pictures for each day.

Photo A Day August: Day 7 – 8 0’clock
It’s not a picture of a clock (as you can see) but it is a picture of what I was doing at eight o’clock. AH thought it would be a good idea to put Charlie Brown band aids on my shoes before I went running.

Photo A Day August: Day 8 – Glasses
I immediately thought of my eye glasses but AH broke those so no need to document that with a photo. Instead I took a picture of wine. So, is the glass half full or half empty?

Photo A Day August: Day 9 – Messy
From the looks of all the Sonic straw wrappers I pulled from the driver’s side door, you’d thing I had a problem. But, really, I can quit Sonic anytime. I order a large water with lemon and lime so, no worries, my kidneys are safe.

Happy blogging,

All work and no play makes me a mean mommy


I am about to freaking lose it, folks. LOSE. IT.

I’ve been pulled in what seems to be a million directions (like you’ve never heard that from me before). I’m really trying not to let that make me short tempered and impatient when I get home because I don’t want to be that mom. But…

Well, let’s just say this week has not been a banner week for me. Mm kay?

I feel like, despite my efforts, I’m doing a half assed job at work and on the home front.

I’m exhausted by the time I get home and the last couple days I haven’t done a lot of games or “crafty/fun mom” stuff with AH (cue the mom guilt). I thought, “I’ll take her for ice cream tonight after dinner. Give her/me some mother/daughter face time.”

We had a great time. Enjoyed our ice cream, went home and everything was smooth sailing. Until bath time. It was all down hill from there.

This week, AH has been just great unless you tell her to do something. She’s on a major, do-it-my-way-all-by-myself kick.

And I’m on an if-I-have-to-deal-with-another-screaming-fit-I-will-pull-all-my-hair-out kick.

So, after fighting with her about brushing her teeth, how many books to read, and getting a drink of water, she was finally in bed.

And by in bed I mean she was crying for me to come in the room…again. I had already tucked her in, said prayers, went back in to give her nite nite (her silky blanket), got her out of bed to go to the bathroom, tucked her in again and then went back in yet again so she could tell me, between sobs, “I want…to play race …cars at… Miss A’s… tomorroowww!”

I need a vacation.

Anyone else had that kind of week?
Photo A Day August Challenge: Day 6, Writing

A Method to my madness

Photo A Day August: Day 5, Logo


I spent a good bit of time with these products today. And yet, my house still needs some cleaning. Doesn’t seem to make any sense. A mother’s work is never done. Especially if her child is a three year old walking tornado.

Happy Blogging,

Next to you sitting next to me: Photo A Day Challenge

Yesterday morning we were up early because AH gave us no choice we had a busy morning of donut eating and fish seeing planned.

I sat across from these two at the donut shop while we ate. (see what I did there? Photo A Day: Aug 4, Somehere you sat)


After breakfast, we headed to Sea Center Texas to check out the fish. AH has been several times, but she hasn’t grown tired of it so we keep taking her back. Did I mention that it’s free?!

The Sea Center is funded by the Texas Parks and Wildlife but also by donations. And the workers there are volunteers from surrounding communities, which I think is awesome.

AH likes to look at all the bright colored fish and the “big fishies” in the large aquariums.



(I love AH in this one. Standing just like her daddy.)

There’s also a touch tank (appropriately named) where you can look at and touch crabs, minnows and sea anemones. I thought AH would warm up to putting her hands in the touch tank. I was wrong.


It’s been so hot around here lately that we didn’t go out to the coastal marsh exhibit for very long. Instead, opted to go grab lunch instead.


What did you do this weekend? Is there a local attraction that you take your kids to?