Five Things to teach your child

There are so many things, as parents, we want our kids to know before they start school. I’ve stressed over whether or not AH knows her colors, letters, numbers, etc.

But now, being a teacher, I have a new perspective.

So I’ve come up with a list of things I want AH to know before she starts kindergarten.

Top 5 Things to teach your child before starting kindergarten:

5. Boogers are not an afternoon snack. Or breakfast. Or any other time of day snack. For the most part AH doesn’t but I have caught her on occasion taste testing. (Gag.)

4. Wash your hands…don’t wipe them on your clothes. This is obvious in terms of keeping germ spreading to a minimum. But what I didn’t think of, as a parent, is how much gets on kids’ hands while at school. Paint, glue, markers, etc. All can get on clothes and ruin them if hands are wiped instead of washed.

3. Private parts are private. This is self explanatory. However, if your kid is like mine and prefers to hang out in his/her undies all day, you might want to ensure your child knows that home is the only place they can lounge like that.

2. How to tie their own shoes. If I had a quarter for every time I tied shoelaces during day, I might double my salary. This is going to be a challenge for AH. Mainly because most of her shoes don’t even have laces.

And the number one thing to teach your child before they go to kindergarten…
*drum roll*

1. Bathroom Do’s & Don’ts – For instance: Don’t potty anywhere but the toilet (aka don’t write your name on the wall with urine). Do pull your pants up before exiting the bathroom (see number 3). And Do wipe yourself. If you don’t teach your child to take care of this on their own, trust me, they will ask teacher to do it for them. And when the teacher kindly declines, they may even ask to call you to come do it for them. True story.


Brought to you by the letter F in the AtoZ Challenge.


Pull my finger…

The last few days around here have been cold, gray and wet which means the worst thing possible to a Pre-K student…no recess.

By now the whole class has come down with cabin fever and they argue over the smallest things with each other. Like where they’re going to stand in line while we say the Pledge of Allegiance or, as my school kids say, “Pledge-uh-fuh-leesha.”

I’ve literally had one of my students tell me, “Ms. C, He got his breath on me!”

Yes, folks. His breath. He breathed in her direction.

So, this morning, I was trying to get them all ready to recite the pledge. I was explaining what being respectful was and how we need to be serious when we say the pledge and listen to the Star Spangled Banner.

Just as everyone was quiet and we were about to begin, one of them looked up at me, smiled, extended his hand and said, “Mrs. C, pull my finger!”

Ok, I know, being the teacher, I’m not supposed to encourage him by laughing, but that was funny.

And, hey, it’s better than hearing someone tattle on another student for breathing.

I don’t think I could take too much of that.

Happy blogging,

Girl Scouts and Gun Control


Has anyone ever noticed the impeccable timing of the once a year Girl Scout Cookie Sale??

I think it’s a conspiracy.

Think about it…

What time of year do you resolve to eat healthier, exercise, become more fit?

Oh, just around the time those clover green clad, smiley faced Girl Scouts start taking their cookie orders.

You’d think this would hinder their sales. But no.

Because, as Americans, when we feel one of our Constitutional Rights (such as The Right to Blow My Entire Paycheck on Thin Mints) is being restricted, we go out and buy as many boxes of silver-wrapped wafers from heaven that we can find.

Take the recent frenzy about firearm regulations for instance. It’s madness. People everywhere are buying guns and ammo left and right.

But I understand the uproar.

Because every time I tell myself, “It’s the new year. You are eating right, exercising, and NOT allowed to order your weight in Girl Scout Cookies,” I immediately panic and think of how many Girl Scouts I know. I tell myself, “I’ll just order a couple boxes and save them in the freezer to eat every now and then.”

Before you know it, I’ve eaten an entire sleeve of shortbreads and justified it by saying, “they’re less fattening than the Caramel Delights.”

Also? I feel obligated to confess that I have already placed an order for nearly $30 in cookies (though, it has been worse).

Seriously. Stop the insanity!

When have you ever done or bought anything impulsively simply because you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to anymore?

Pooh on my elbow

On the first day of this year’s Month of Thanksgivings, I am thankful for Band Aids.

I’m not what I’d call a klutz but I pulled a stunt a couple days ago that makes me wonder.

As I mentioned in my recent post, I recently became a school teacher. Which means I get recess! Okay, I don’t get recess but my students do so that means I spend some time on the playground, so to speak.

Well, it was time to go inside, so I was calling to one of my kids over my shoulder (not watching where I was walking) and I totally ate it. I don’t mean a cutesy stumble then land on my rear. I’m talking head on, spread eagle, face down on the grass, scraped elbow and all.

If you’re anything like me, this makes you laugh, almost uncontrollably. But I had to hold in the laughter because I’ve told my little ones that it’s not nice to laugh when someone is hurt.

And their faces were like, “BOOM. That just happened.”

So, I dusted myself off, finished lining up my class and chuckled to myself all the way inside.

But on the way in, a student in a totally different grade in a completely different area outside asked, “Are you okay? I saw you trip back there.”

Awesome. There are others who saw my fight with the ground and knew I took a beat down.

It’s ok.

‘Cause now I get to sport these nifty Winnie The Pooh band aids on my battle wound.


Happy blogging and better balance,

What bad dreams are made of

AH tossed and turned all night with bad dreams. Even after putting her in bed with us, she kicked and whined. It was like watching a puppy when they’re sleeping and they suddenly start barking in their sleep; you wonder what it is they could be dreaming about.

After trying everything to comfort her so she would be quiet so I could get some sleep sleep soundly, she was still stirring. And by stirring, I mean running her feet up my back as though she were climbing stairs.

She was talking in her sleep, so I asked her what was wrong. I hoped that I could figure out what it was she was dreaming about that had her so upset.

I asked her, “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Her response?

“I can’t do it. I can’t do it all by myselllfff.”

Ah, of course.
Because what’s more troubling to a 3 year than not being able to something by his/her self?

Absolutely nothing.

Happy blogging,

Saturday morning Shenanigans

So…this is what JD’s doing this morning.


He chased Dashy around for a bit in this getup; the dog didn’t seem to find the humor in it.

JD then got tackled by his little sister, AH. They wrestled–he let her win–and then he looks up at her (as though he’s dying) and says,
“AH…I aaam your faaather!!” *collapses head and closes eyes*

Happy Saturday!!


On the road again

Here’s a peek at what the start of a family vacation really looks like.


We’re loaded up and on our way to Jellystone Park, home of Yogi Bear, in Waller, TX.

The Husband (not pictured) and I are exhausted and short tempered because it took an act of congress to get everyone and everything in the car and ready to go.

JD is already watching his movie which means not much will steal his focus the entire ride. This is a good thing because he’s the one who likes to ask, “Are we there yet?”

AH just got caught taking off the lid to her Sonic drink (a BIG no-no) and put up a fight when we tried to take it from her so she wouldn’t spill it. You can tell by the look on her face she’s totally busted.

LD is the texting machine in the back seat. She’s been in the car 2.65 seconds and already sent 3,619 text messages.

In the very back, our family mascot, Dashy, is inside his kennel. And as I type this, he begins to gag.

Jellystone here we come.

Happy blogging,


Donut Shop Perspective

I can get so overwhelmed with everyday craziness that I don’t stop and take things in. This weekend, I had some down time that offered me a bit of perspective on my 3 year old.

AH is every bit of three years old and she’s got quite the personality.

Sometimes, most of the time, she’s sweet, charming, funny, energetic. Other times, she can be defiant, bossy, leash worthy when she wants to run around like a wild banshee. (No, I do not leash my kid.)

Yesterday, The Husband had to work and our big kids were with their mom, so it was just AH and me.

For breakfast, we went to the local donut shop and had a nutritious meal of donut holes, donuts covered with chocolate and sprinkles, and chocolate milk.


Our table was right next to the bell clad door so she was very aware of who was coming and going. She was such a ham, greeting everyone as they entered and waved goodbye when they left as she smiled and said, “Byyye! Have a good daayyy!!”

She would take breaks from her donuts to hum a song, say hi to another patron or chat with me about sharing, “fishies,” and her friend, MRB.

At one point she stopped and waved at a gentleman seated at the table next to ours. She then proceeded to sing Veggie Tales to him, “My God is so Big! So strong and so Mighty! There’s nothing my God cannot do…for you!” (as she points at him)

Obviously, AH is very social. She is also very strong willed and eager to do things all by herself. She’s very vocal about what she wants or doesn’t want and doesn’t shy away from telling you how she feels.

And because she doesn’t mind letting her emotions be known, if she is unhappy or forced to do (or not do) something against her wishes, everyone within earshot will know about it.

This makes for a frustrating scenario; one very different from the one in the donut shop. In those moments of frustration, I hope I will remember that her strong-willed nature and vocal character are among her strengths.

If she weren’t such a firecracker, she probably wouldn’t be bold enough to tell me “no” when she doesn’t want to do something(we’re working on that).

But that might also mean that she wouldn’t be bold enough to stand up for what’s right against adversity or greet people she doesn’t know with a wave and a smile, and sing to them about God.

And I hope she never shies away from doing either of those things.

Courtney Love, is that you?

This evening AH got into her big sister, LD’s makeup.

AH, looking all Courtney Love-ish and stuff, was super pumped to see her daddy when he got in from work.


This is what went down…

The Husband came in and AH eagerly ran over to him. Obviously, he immediately noticed the smears under her eyes.

He smiled and asked her (knowingly), “What’s that you put on your eyes?”

She said proudly, “It’s mascara, so I can be pretty for Christmas.”

This kid is pure entertainment sometimes.

Backseat driver

This evening, after I picked AH up from Ms. A’s, we were chatting about all sorts of things on the ride home.

She told me about her day and how much she loved squash.

She said she wanted to go to the donut store and get donuts to share with her friends.

She told me she wanted to play schoolwork and teacher when we got home.

She asked me who have her the Dora backpack she carries and when I tell her daddy did, she says, “My daddy is so nice. I tell him thank you for my Dora backpack.”

Then, she’s quiet for a second.

Her next words were, and I’m not kidding…

“Mama, you don’t drive very well.”


Because, not to sound like Rainman, I am an excellent driver.

The writer in me is giddy inside that she is using proper grammar.

The mother in me thinks she’s adorable, even when insulting my driving.

And the wife in me wants to know how long The Husband has been working on getting her to say that.

So I dig for more info, naturally.

Me: What did you say, baby?
AH: I said you don’t drive very well.
Me: Oh, okay. Why don’t I drive very well?
AH: Only daddies and brudders.
Me: Only daddies and brothers drive very well?
AH: Daddies and brudders and stisters.
Me: Daddy, brother and sister. Not Mommy?
AH: Driving is really, reeaally hard mama.

Oh. That must be it, then.
Glad we cleared that up.

20120618-225443.jpg(Yes. The car is stopped.)

Happy blogging,