Five Things to teach your child

There are so many things, as parents, we want our kids to know before they start school. I’ve stressed over whether or not AH knows her colors, letters, numbers, etc.

But now, being a teacher, I have a new perspective.

So I’ve come up with a list of things I want AH to know before she starts kindergarten.

Top 5 Things to teach your child before starting kindergarten:

5. Boogers are not an afternoon snack. Or breakfast. Or any other time of day snack. For the most part AH doesn’t but I have caught her on occasion taste testing. (Gag.)

4. Wash your hands…don’t wipe them on your clothes. This is obvious in terms of keeping germ spreading to a minimum. But what I didn’t think of, as a parent, is how much gets on kids’ hands while at school. Paint, glue, markers, etc. All can get on clothes and ruin them if hands are wiped instead of washed.

3. Private parts are private. This is self explanatory. However, if your kid is like mine and prefers to hang out in his/her undies all day, you might want to ensure your child knows that home is the only place they can lounge like that.

2. How to tie their own shoes. If I had a quarter for every time I tied shoelaces during day, I might double my salary. This is going to be a challenge for AH. Mainly because most of her shoes don’t even have laces.

And the number one thing to teach your child before they go to kindergarten…
*drum roll*

1. Bathroom Do’s & Don’ts – For instance: Don’t potty anywhere but the toilet (aka don’t write your name on the wall with urine). Do pull your pants up before exiting the bathroom (see number 3). And Do wipe yourself. If you don’t teach your child to take care of this on their own, trust me, they will ask teacher to do it for them. And when the teacher kindly declines, they may even ask to call you to come do it for them. True story.


Brought to you by the letter F in the AtoZ Challenge.


Gladware Snowglobes: A Christmas craft

Now that I’ve got plenty of time on my hands and nothing to do but get well, I have a chance to write about some of the fun things we made at school before Christmas break started.

My favorite has to be the Snowglobes my mentor teacher and I made with our classes.

Too cute, really easy to make, and the kids loved them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

•Glad 4 oz Mini Round Containers & Lids
•Jumbo sized marshmallows (I used just over a bag for a class of 22)
•Black permanent markers
•Wooden toothpicks
•Orange chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners)
•A hot glue gun and glue sticks
•Fake snow
•Silver glitter (aka Christmas spirit 🙂 )
•Ribbon (optional*)

I did these in small groups of students since there was a hot glue gun involved. I did all the hot gluing but with little ones, I thought it best to be able to keep an eye on each of them as they made their snowmen.

My prep work included cutting the orange pipe cleaners into 1/2-3/4 inch pieces for noses, breaking toothpicks in half for the arms and plugging in the hot glue gun.

I gave each child two marshmallows, a permanent marker, a “nose,” and two “arms.” Each student used the black markers to draw coal eyes, and a mouth on one marshmallow, and then buttons on the other. Then they push the orange “nose” into the face marshmallow and an “arm” in each side of the snowman body.

Once the snowman parts are put together, that’s where I come in with the hot glue gun.

First, I glue the two marshmallows together to make an assembled snowman.

Then I put hot glue on top of the snowman’s head and glue him upside down to the bowl portion of the mini container.



Then I let the kids add a pinch or two of fake snow and a sprinkle of Christmas spirit (silver glitter).

Once they’ve added the snow and glitter, the bottom of the snow globe is ready to be put on.


To ensure a tight seal, I used hot glue around the inside of the lid rim and then pressed the lid on securely.


I had each child turn over their snow globe, give it a shake and voila! A snow globe is born. (*Optional: hot glue a ribbon loop with a bow to the top of the snow glove and create an ornament).


Happy blogging and Christmas crafts,