Top 10 Reasons…


Top 10 Reasons why my OB-GYN appointment was the most relaxing part of my day:

  1. I got to read a magazine uninterrupted, with an empty lap. And I don’t mean
    Highlights or an American Girl catalogue. I’m talking a real life, outdated issue of National Geographic.
  2. No ridiculous looking office Bluetooth to ring in my ear and no phone calls to
  3. It was free—okay, it wasn’t free if you count insurance, but I didn’t have to pay
    any money out of pocket because of my coverage, so I’ll call it free.
  4. They have such soothing music.  This usually annoys me but today I was grateful for the slow elevator tunes.
  5. I got to go pee. ALONE.  Without anyone yelling requests or tattling through the bathroom door. Without a toddler screaming to be held while I handle my biz.
  6. The door prizes were fabulous.  I got two months worth of birth control pills and a parenting magazine on the house.   Later I found it ironic that they would give those two together.
  7. No one asked me for a job and then handed me a dirty, wrinkled up resume with the objective “To Succeed in life” on it (I’m in the staffing industry).  Not to mention I hate giving people disappointing news and right now jobs are less than plentiful.
  8. I was applauded for being out of shape.  The nurse cheerfully reassured me when I told her I recently began a mediocre exercise regimen.  As in, “That’s totally fine! Occasionally is better than not at all!”
  9. I got a free drink out of the deal.  It was bottled water but who cares?
    (FYI, if you couldn’t tell by #3, #6 & #9, I like free stuff.  It makes me feel like I’m one-upping TheMan.)
  10. For a little while, I got to lie down and relax. Okay, so it was only 10 minutes while I waited for my doctor, and I was on a crinkly paper-covered exam table wearing a cloth hospital gown and a sheet that had to be no more than 100 thread count.  But it was enough time to clear my head, talk to God, and just have a moment of peace in my day before having to return to my hectic work day.

It’s all about perspective, people.  I got a lot accomplished in that little amount of time.

P.S.  Consider this post a reminder to get your routine medical screenings.  Don’t put it off.  Call and make an appointment now or add it to your To Do List so you don’t forget.

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What I’m Diggin’ Wednesday {Blog Hop}

Happy Hump Day folks!

This Wednesday I’m diggin’…

Fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits for breakfast

Organic bell peppers that I actually grew in my makeshift garden

 (my goal was just to not kill the plant)


My sweet pug, Dash, is happy to be home from the vet and healing

Now for some Q&A with The WoMoHolic:

1. What 3 things do you use everyday? No matter what?
1. Hand sanitizer.  I shake alot of hands and change diapers, not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

2. Concealer.  Gone are the days when I can go out in public completely sans makeup.  If nothing else, I will cover the dark circles under my eyes.

3. Google.  I use it at work and on my iPhone.  It seems I’m always needing to look up information, whether it’s company info, movie listings, directions, blog addresses, etc.   

2. Coffee or tea?  And how do you take it? 

Coffee mostly.  With flavored creamer and splenda and sometimes with peppermint and hot chocolate stirred in.
I do drink tea and have to confess that I hadn’t really tried much unsweetened tea until recently (in Texas, it’s most common to drink sweet) and I actually liked it.

3. Where do you shop for your wardrobe favorites?  What about for your kids (if you have any)?
I am not the typical bonding-over-shopping-adventures kind of girl.  For the most part, I don’t particularly enjoy shopping.  Between having to make decisions and spending miney on myself, it’s a very stressful situation.  But if I had to pick a few fave places to shop it would be H&M (if we had one here), Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Target.  For the kiddos?  Gymboree, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and Target.

4.  When you were a kid, did you go to Summer Camp?

When I was a kid I went to a sports camp for a week and then in junior high and high school I went to cheerleading camp. 

But I remember watching The Parent Trap (the REAL one, with Hayley Mills) and dreaming of going off to camp for the summer; staying in cabins, doing arts and crafts and rowing in canoes.

5.  What trait in your spouse/partner drives you nuts but you couldn’t live without it?

This would have to be The Husband’s totally laid back, make-a-joke-about-everything personality.  When we’re running late and I really need him to help get everyone out the door and NOT move at a snails pace and instead he teases me about overreacting while sitting on the couch playing Xbox?  It drives me crazy.  But it’s also the side of him that helps me keep my sanity when I’m freaking out and need to chill a little.  He can make me laugh, even when I don’t want to and he balances out my take-some-things-too-seriously side.  He’s a kid at heart and I love that about him.  


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Anal leakage and ice cream

My Mondays are usually spent reading emails, checking messages, making appointments and reviewing resumes.

Not this Monday.

I was at home, but that didn’t stop the Monday Madness from coming.

Missed work? Check!
Incessant sibling conflicts? Check!
Whiney tot clinging to my leg? Check!
Dog with anal leakage? Check!

You get the picture, right?

I was home from work because all 3 childcare options fell through (that NEVER happens) and I had to take our pug, Dash, to the vet.

My oldest two, LD and JD, fought over everything under the sun. Tried separating them, taking away privileges, etc. to get them to stop. When none of that worked, I had them write paragraphs filled with niceties about the other sibling. It forced them to be kind to each other, which was a punishment in itself, and of course having to write an essay when you’re on summer break from school is torture.

Actually working TOGETHER to complete their writing assignments.

AH slept late but that didn’t stop her from whining “bamanos!” all morning (Thanks, Dora) because she wanted to “go shurch and play fwends” (go to church and play with friends).

And Dash. Our poor dog, Dashy.  Something was seriously wrong with his backside so we had to have it checked out.  He was totally embarrassed that so much attention was being paid to his hind end.

Can't you just sense his humiliation?

So, I had to load up all three kids and a dog with a baboons behind and head to the vet’s office.  Apparently, he had an abscessed anal duct that needed to be lanced and the other one (there are 2-who knew?!) was completely full. Gag.

AH was freaking out because she thought she was going to see the doctor instead of the dog.  She’s had a bit of a traumatic experience and hasn’t been okay with medical staff since.  To pacify her we let her drag Dash around like Angelica from Rugrats hold the leash in the waiting area.  This lasted until we went back to the exam room, where she went into panic mode again.  I then had to resort to bribery and promised to get ice cream once we left. Thankfully, LD and JD were getting along great at this point and helped calm their sister on more than one occasion.

We had to leave Dashy overnight for his procedure but there was a Sonic Drive-In right across the street, so I made good on my promise.  I got each of them milk shakes, half of which AH spilled down the front of her on the way home.  Didn’t matter.  I got to ride home in silence only to be interrupted by the slurping of a shake through a straw.

Bribery can be a beautiful thing.

Milkshakes make the world go 'round.

Happy Blogging,