T-Ball & Tears

Saturday started off with with AH and I going to register her for T-ball. Yep, baseball for little kids who wear helmets two sizes too big for them while swinging a bat that’s almost as tall as they are. Adorable, right? Yes.

I spent the next 45 minutes with her in the donut shop eating what I explained to her was “brunch” instead of “Mommy’s really late at feeding you breakfast and now it’s really lunchtime.”
I also spent a good deal of time explaining that she wasn’t actually going to play T-ball right then; we just signed her up to play.

It wasn’t until later, when I was looking at old pictures, that I realized…

Dear Lord, my baby is old enough to play T-ball!!

When did this happen?

What started out as excitement turned into teary eyed memories going through my head. It all goes by so fast.

And it just adds to it that she will be turning four in April. **sniff*

Well, I’m off to find comfort in the box of T-Ball fund raiser candy…

When have you had a moment that made you realize how fast life is going by? I have them all the time so I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Blogging,


Bah… Humbug.

I started off the Christmas season off with the flu, bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection.

I’m usually annoyingly filled with Christmas spirit…like, just short of Whoville filled.

Being so sick didn’t really make for a jolly start but we’re in full holiday swing now. We’ve got our tree decorated, I’m almost done shopping, I’ve got Christmas carols on any chance I get, and last night we went to visit Santa.

AH picking a gift for Santa.


20121214-165547.jpgJD, LD & AH with Santa

Hope your holiday season is off to a great start!

Happy blogging & many blessings,

All work and no play makes me a mean mommy


I am about to freaking lose it, folks. LOSE. IT.

I’ve been pulled in what seems to be a million directions (like you’ve never heard that from me before). I’m really trying not to let that make me short tempered and impatient when I get home because I don’t want to be that mom. But…

Well, let’s just say this week has not been a banner week for me. Mm kay?

I feel like, despite my efforts, I’m doing a half assed job at work and on the home front.

I’m exhausted by the time I get home and the last couple days I haven’t done a lot of games or “crafty/fun mom” stuff with AH (cue the mom guilt). I thought, “I’ll take her for ice cream tonight after dinner. Give her/me some mother/daughter face time.”

We had a great time. Enjoyed our ice cream, went home and everything was smooth sailing. Until bath time. It was all down hill from there.

This week, AH has been just great unless you tell her to do something. She’s on a major, do-it-my-way-all-by-myself kick.

And I’m on an if-I-have-to-deal-with-another-screaming-fit-I-will-pull-all-my-hair-out kick.

So, after fighting with her about brushing her teeth, how many books to read, and getting a drink of water, she was finally in bed.

And by in bed I mean she was crying for me to come in the room…again. I had already tucked her in, said prayers, went back in to give her nite nite (her silky blanket), got her out of bed to go to the bathroom, tucked her in again and then went back in yet again so she could tell me, between sobs, “I want…to play race …cars at… Miss A’s… tomorroowww!”

I need a vacation.

Anyone else had that kind of week?
Photo A Day August Challenge: Day 6, Writing

From toddler to tween

Today is JD’s birthday. He is turning 11. ELEVEN!!

Each year that goes by with my kids, I look back on when I met them. Obviously,my first memories of AH are from before she was born but LD and JD were 4 and 2 when I started dating their dad.

I was thinking about how little JD was back then and broke out the old pictures. It wasn’t long before I came across these…




Is he not the most adorable little man? So stinking cute.

Now, fast forward a few years (or eight) and look at the handsome young man he is.




I can’t believe how fast these years have flown by. Only two more years and he’ll be a teenager. *sniffs, chokes back tears*

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.
I love you.

What bad dreams are made of

AH tossed and turned all night with bad dreams. Even after putting her in bed with us, she kicked and whined. It was like watching a puppy when they’re sleeping and they suddenly start barking in their sleep; you wonder what it is they could be dreaming about.

After trying everything to comfort her so she would be quiet so I could get some sleep sleep soundly, she was still stirring. And by stirring, I mean running her feet up my back as though she were climbing stairs.

She was talking in her sleep, so I asked her what was wrong. I hoped that I could figure out what it was she was dreaming about that had her so upset.

I asked her, “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Her response?

“I can’t do it. I can’t do it all by myselllfff.”

Ah, of course.
Because what’s more troubling to a 3 year than not being able to something by his/her self?

Absolutely nothing.

Happy blogging,

20 Questions can make you think

A couple nights ago, I was coloring at the table with AH when I remembered to ask her the list of 20 questions that I had been meaning to ask her since her third birthday (in April). I’ve already lost the 2012 mother of the year award (probably shortly after the new year began), so, why not fess up to yet another thing I’ve been meaning to do but never manage to remember?

Another confession? This wasn’t my idea but a rather clever notion I found on Pinterest. Shocking, I know. Not that I found the idea on Pinterest, but that I actually completed something I found on Pinterest.

When I sat down, tablet in hand, ready to pen her answers, I didn’t expect complex responses. Some of the questions I already knew the answer to.

-What is your favorite song?
The Spresh Beat Band (The Fresh Beat Band, they were also named fave TV show)
-What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Some of the questions I asked thinking I already knew the answer and was surprised when she said something different than what I expected.

-What is your favorite color?
blue (I’ve asked her many times but this is the first I’ve gotten this for an answer)
-What is your favorite book?
Bony Legs (she’s been hooked on “I Spy” books for weeks)

Some of the answers made me proud.

-What is your favorite holiday?
God! (So proud she knows holidays like Christmas and Easter are about God)
-What is your favorite game?
Letters (I work with her on her letters, numbers, etc. I love that she’s eager to learn.)

But it was the very last question that got me. I hadn’t expected her to give the answer that she did.

I asked her…
-What do you want to be when you grow up to be big?

She looked at me and answered, without hesitation, You.

My first thought was, “That’s so sweet.”

My second thought was, “Oh, no pressure. She just wants to be you when you grow up. No biggie. Except the fact that you have to work more than you get to stay home and be ‘Mom’, you forget things sometimes, you race around like a crazy person trying to get everything done, you don’t have the best patience and you may have uttered the word ‘dammit’ around her once or twice. Probably twice. Crap!”

I had to take a minute and get some perspective. I mean, I can’t be totally screwing this up, right?

That last question is a reminder of how much I’m being watched at all times.

I hope I can always keep that in the back of my mind as motivation to be better for all three of my kids. A better mother. A better wife. A better human being.

I am teaching her by example, every single day. I’m the only mom she’s got. I have to be a lead worth following.


Happy blogging,


Rambo, Two Stones & Olivia Newton John

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday:

With the red headband and her stern coloring method, Rambo immediately came to mind.

Her headband and blazer are Keith Richards but her elbows out like chicken wings is all Mick Jagger.

Once I looked past the booger picking and noticed the 1980’s style headband/ponytail combo, I immediately thought of those old workout videos. Which then led me to singing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” in my head. And now it’s probably playing in yours, too. You’re welcome.

Happy Wednesday!!