T-Ball & Tears

Saturday started off with with AH and I going to register her for T-ball. Yep, baseball for little kids who wear helmets two sizes too big for them while swinging a bat that’s almost as tall as they are. Adorable, right? Yes.

I spent the next 45 minutes with her in the donut shop eating what I explained to her was “brunch” instead of “Mommy’s really late at feeding you breakfast and now it’s really lunchtime.”
I also spent a good deal of time explaining that she wasn’t actually going to play T-ball right then; we just signed her up to play.

It wasn’t until later, when I was looking at old pictures, that I realized…

Dear Lord, my baby is old enough to play T-ball!!

When did this happen?

What started out as excitement turned into teary eyed memories going through my head. It all goes by so fast.

And it just adds to it that she will be turning four in April. **sniff*

Well, I’m off to find comfort in the box of T-Ball fund raiser candy…

When have you had a moment that made you realize how fast life is going by? I have them all the time so I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Blogging,


Girl Scouts and Gun Control


Has anyone ever noticed the impeccable timing of the once a year Girl Scout Cookie Sale??

I think it’s a conspiracy.

Think about it…

What time of year do you resolve to eat healthier, exercise, become more fit?

Oh, just around the time those clover green clad, smiley faced Girl Scouts start taking their cookie orders.

You’d think this would hinder their sales. But no.

Because, as Americans, when we feel one of our Constitutional Rights (such as The Right to Blow My Entire Paycheck on Thin Mints) is being restricted, we go out and buy as many boxes of silver-wrapped wafers from heaven that we can find.

Take the recent frenzy about firearm regulations for instance. It’s madness. People everywhere are buying guns and ammo left and right.

But I understand the uproar.

Because every time I tell myself, “It’s the new year. You are eating right, exercising, and NOT allowed to order your weight in Girl Scout Cookies,” I immediately panic and think of how many Girl Scouts I know. I tell myself, “I’ll just order a couple boxes and save them in the freezer to eat every now and then.”

Before you know it, I’ve eaten an entire sleeve of shortbreads and justified it by saying, “they’re less fattening than the Caramel Delights.”

Also? I feel obligated to confess that I have already placed an order for nearly $30 in cookies (though, it has been worse).

Seriously. Stop the insanity!

When have you ever done or bought anything impulsively simply because you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to anymore?

Successful Humans

I saw this yesterday and thought, “Hmm. Almost. But not quite.”


Not that Ann Landers didn’t know what she was talking about, but I think there’s something missing. So…I’d like to amend it. If that’s alright with you. If it’s not, oops, I did it anyway.


I hope I raise children who will feel a sense of obligation and drive to do for themselves as well as the desire and obligation to do for others.

Because there’s a different type of joy you get when you do something for someone who needs it.

Happy Semi-Wordless Wednesday,