A is for amazing love

It is Easter and the meaning of this holiday isn’t something that is new to me.
But I keep thinking about what it was Jesus actually went through. The fact that he knew he was going to die. As a human man, He must have been so scared and yet he remained faithful to God. How many times do I become overwhelmed with fear and forget to turn to Him for help? Or how many times has something I’m going through seem too overwhelming, too painful that I lash out in anger or frustration rather than finding comfort in Him?

I think about the mental picture that comes with what Christ went through. The anticipation of what he knew were to be His last moments.
The humiliation.
The torn flesh.
The pain. Unimaginable pain.

All of that for us. I think of my children and ask myself, “How amazing is a God who could give up his child to save mankind?” I find myself in awe that God was willing to do for me what I, admittedly, would never do for anyone else. Because I look at my kids and I know. I know I could never make that sacrifice. I could not willingly let anyone hurt my child just so screw-ups wouldn’t get what they truly deserved anyway. And then I think, why in the world would someone ever do that for me, (a lowly screw-up)? As much as we hate to admit it, we’re all deserving of the consequences brought on by how we live our lives. But that’s what makes God’s love amazing.

Today, Easter Sunday, we are reminded that we get a second chance. Redemption. Not because we deserve it, but because it was so graciously given to us by a God who loves beyond comprehension.

Happy Easter,


You had me at chocolate covered bacon

Here in Smalltown, Texas, this time of year is dubbed “rodeo time” due to the fact that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is going on.

This means great music, carnival rides, livestock, the smell of manure and of course, off the wall foods (many of which are deep fried).

LD’s big Christmas wish this past year was rodeo tickets to see Demi Lovato and Austin Mahone. So, on Sunday LD and I, with two of her friends, were Houston bound.

After the concert we hit the midway up for rides and food. While in an insanely long line for a funnel cake, I noticed there was a sign that said, “Chocolate covered bacon!”

My night was instantly made.

I had never tried it but I figured pairing two of my most celebrated foods can’t be wrong. I eagerly waited in line for about 6 hours 20 minutes and spent half of my 401k $8 on this delicacy. And I would gladly do it again.

It was delicious. The perfect salty/sweet combo. The only thing that would have made this snack heavenly was if it had been hot. The bacon had to be chilled so the chocolate would stick but I think hot, crispy bacon with a side of chocolate dip would be magical.

Also? While I was on a roll trying new foods, I tried a red velvet funnel cake. I’m not entirely convinced that it wasn’t just a regular funnel cake with red food coloring but, whatev, it still tasted great.

But back to the choco-bacon…
Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

If loving chocolate covered bacon is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

The difference 3 years can make

I was looking through pictures the other day and I came across these two pictures. Every year I get a picture of the kids together in their Christmas pajamas. The left is from 2009 and the other from this past Christmas.


It’s crazy to think they have changed so much in what seems like the blink of an eye. But it’s been three years since the picture on the left was taken. Three years since AH’s first Christmas. Three years since LD wasn’t a teenager yet. And three years since JD was still a good bit shorter than I am.

AH is now almost 4 and before I know it will be in Kindergarten. LD is now 14 and almost in high school (WHAT?!!). And JD is almost 12 and it won’t be long before he is taller than I am.

Can we just freeze time for little while?
Crap. I’m getting old.