What, exactly, just happened?!

It was bound to happen at some point today. Oprah’s ugly cry made it’s way to my face just moments ago.

I’m looking at all these beautiful pictures and these moments from today. When did she grow up?!?


I mean, I know I was there for it…there just aren’t words…

It’s like one minute her daddy is introducing her to me and the next we are here, taking pictures for prom. The last ten and a half years have vanished.

She is so beautiful. But more than that she’s a gem on the inside, too.


So glad I’ve had the last decade to experience life with her and watch her grow. Such a blessing to to have this life, to love this family, to live these moments.

I want to memorize it all. Every second.

It’s all fun and games until Pinterest

I think it’s just time I came clean. I am not a made-for-Pinterest mom when it comes to parties (and pretty much everything else).

My youngest girl turns 5 next week and we’re having her party this weekend. I spent hours scouring Pinterest for ideas pertaining to all things Frozen (the latest Disney blockbuster) and daydreaming about all the possibilities.

But somewhere between the pinning and the planning I totally lose all desire to go over the top.

Y’all, what happened to the days when it was cake, ice cream and, if you were lucky, a piñata your mom scored at the grocery store? That’s my kinda party.

No color coordinated napkins, plates, table clothes, banners, tissue paper chandeliers, triple tier centerpieces, candy buffets, fancy paper straws…and the list goes on.

It seems the birthday party has become the new wedding in terms of planning the little details.

In the mix of all the super adorable pins I’m tempted to go all Tori Spelling Party Planner with it but then I realize it’s just a ridiculous amount of time and energy spent that I. Do. Not. Have.

My daughter won’t know the difference anyway. The only details she’s asked about are who’s coming and whether or not she gets a cupcake.

So, I’m just rolling with what I’ve got so far. Mismatched plates, homemade cupcakes (not from scratch), and a million hot dogs (thank the lawd I won’t be cooking them). Lucky for me, there was a Frozen freebie that I printed (back before my party zeal wore off) for cupcake toppers, favor bags and bottle labels. That’s the extent of our Disney regalia. Oh, and there will be a bounce house. Because that requires no assembly by me and I love jumping in them it’s instant entertainment.

Party on.


Beautiful heartache

Sometimes, I have to stop and pinch myself. This life, it’s pretty amazing.

Tonight, I finished vacuuming and put away laundry after working all day; mundane stuff. That’s when I heard it…the sound of hearty laughter coming from my room.

I snuck down the hall to peek in the doorway and found that all three kids (15 yrs, 12, and almost 5) were involved in a very intense wrestling match/tickle war/airplane ride on my bed.

I stood and watched for a while. Listened to their laughter, watched their smiles and red faces as they pummeled each other and tossed themselves down on the plush white comforter.

This image…this is what happiness looks like.

I ignored the urge to go grab my phone for its camera. Instead, I just stood there, soaked it all it and said a prayer of gratitude for each one of them.

My heart aches it’s so full of love for these people.