>And so it begins…finally.

>Hi, My name is Adrian and I’m a Working Mom-Aholic. I work full time but my true passion and love is being a mother and wife.

For weeks now I have been meaning to start this blog as an outlet for my many ponderings, concerns, or daydreams but for one reason or another, it has been put off. Some days I put it off because I have been at work all day looking at a computer and the last thing I care to do is to come home and stare at one. Other days I put it off because I’m waiting for something profound and wonderful to come to me so I can post it as my introduction to the blogging world. And other days (okay, most days) I am too busy passing out on the couch in my work clothes with smooshed peas and baby puke on me to even attempt a logical thought, much less translating it to a computer screen.

So, here it is. My first blog entry in all its mediocre glory. Stay tuned…it can only get better, right? 🙂