My oldest girl

>Time flies…
So, my oldest daughter is turning 12 tomorrow morning. I’m busy making cupcakes and cleaning house in preparation for the circus that will commence on my house tomorrow. There will be eight Beiber fever-stricken girls staying over for the birthday festivities.

It’s crazy, I can’t believe how fast these last several years have completely flown by. The thing is, I became a mom a little over 7 years ago. When my husband and I met he had two beautiful kids, ages four and two. I think I had it easier than most “step-moms” because they were so sweet and welcoming.

I know not all step-parents have such a close relationship with their spouses kids. But to me, they are my children. No, I didn’t give birth to them and I would never try to take their mother’s place. But they are my babies and I love them in the same way I love the daughter my husband and I have together. I think about how much she’s grown up over the years. But part of me still sees her as the sweet little four year old who would sing loud from the back seat and who thought glitter was the only accessory a girl needed.

I’m going to soak up this birthday party and all it’s madness. Because next year will begin her teenage years, junior high and the era of “uncool” parents. I just hope she always holds on to that four year old singing without inhibition and appreciates all the sparkle life has to offer.