Pull my finger…

The last few days around here have been cold, gray and wet which means the worst thing possible to a Pre-K student…no recess.

By now the whole class has come down with cabin fever and they argue over the smallest things with each other. Like where they’re going to stand in line while we say the Pledge of Allegiance or, as my school kids say, “Pledge-uh-fuh-leesha.”

I’ve literally had one of my students tell me, “Ms. C, He got his breath on me!”

Yes, folks. His breath. He breathed in her direction.

So, this morning, I was trying to get them all ready to recite the pledge. I was explaining what being respectful was and how we need to be serious when we say the pledge and listen to the Star Spangled Banner.

Just as everyone was quiet and we were about to begin, one of them looked up at me, smiled, extended his hand and said, “Mrs. C, pull my finger!”

Ok, I know, being the teacher, I’m not supposed to encourage him by laughing, but that was funny.

And, hey, it’s better than hearing someone tattle on another student for breathing.

I don’t think I could take too much of that.

Happy blogging,

Keep Calm and Teach On

Ever since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I’ve put a lot of thought into the “what ifs” when it comes to my school. I’ve played scenarios in my mind and tried to do what I could to prepare for that type of event, as if that were even possible.

I’ve removed my classroom keys from my usual keychain. They now hang from the lanyard around my neck that houses my badge. This way, I don’t have to go digging for keys so I can lock my classroom door.

I’ve thought about where I would take my students if we needed to hide. Luckily for me, I have a room nearby that we could all fit in.

I’ve thought about how on earth I could keep 22 Pre-K kids calm in a situation like that, especially for a lengthy amount of time.

And I came up with this:

Basically, it’s an empty baby wipe container turned storage bin, distraction tool and calming aid. I decorated the outside with stickers so the kids would get excited about the box rather than question why our entire class is hiding all together in a tiny room.

Here’s what’s inside:
– A box of 24 crayons (with 22 students, each gets 1 crayon to draw/color/write with).
– Small sheets of paper (I used 15 8.5×11 sheets cut into fourths so it will fit inside the box).
-Two medium containers of play-doh (obviously not enough to divide among the whole class but enough for several to share while others do something else)
-Scented lip balm (Not for using on their lips, but rather putting some on top of their hand to smell. Some children may be calmed by pleasant smells.)
-Stickers (can be used to decorate their drawings on the small pieces of paper, given out as rewards for sitting quietly and calmly, etc.)
-Washable dry erase markers (use to draw on tile floor if/when the paper runs out)

I know nothing could ever completely prepare me to deal with a real-life intruder situation but at least I’m more prepared to calm my students. Hopefully, I will never need to use the box outside of lockdown drills.

Parents and/or teachers: Are there any suggestions you can make on other things to put inside the box?