Successful Humans

I saw this yesterday and thought, “Hmm. Almost. But not quite.”


Not that Ann Landers didn’t know what she was talking about, but I think there’s something missing. So…I’d like to amend it. If that’s alright with you. If it’s not, oops, I did it anyway.


I hope I raise children who will feel a sense of obligation and drive to do for themselves as well as the desire and obligation to do for others.

Because there’s a different type of joy you get when you do something for someone who needs it.

Happy Semi-Wordless Wednesday,


Rambo, Two Stones & Olivia Newton John

Somewhat Wordless Wednesday:

With the red headband and her stern coloring method, Rambo immediately came to mind.

Her headband and blazer are Keith Richards but her elbows out like chicken wings is all Mick Jagger.

Once I looked past the booger picking and noticed the 1980’s style headband/ponytail combo, I immediately thought of those old workout videos. Which then led me to singing Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” in my head. And now it’s probably playing in yours, too. You’re welcome.

Happy Wednesday!!