Fancy Feet Fashionista

One of my favorite things about the toddler years so far is the fashion choices they make.

When LD was little, anything with glitter on it went with EVERYTHING. She was a little girl who loved her accessories and there was no such thing as too much. JD was known to wear boots with shorts or anything with Thomas the Tank Engine on it.

AH is now entering the age where she wants to completely dress herself and her choices are nothing short of comedic. In the past, she had to wear her rain boots with everything but other than that, I dressed her in what I wanted. Now, she’s become quite opinionated.

For the most part, I usually let her wear whatever she wants. No need to stress over what she wears if we’re not going anywhere.

But lately, she’s wanted to take her style to the streets.

This isn’t usually a problem but sometimes what she picks isn’t quite what I had in mind for the place we’re going.

Yesterday, when dressing herself for church, she wanted to wear a swimsuit with an attached tutu, rainbow-striped socks, and white sandals from last summer that are, now, too small.

She proudly marched into the living room and asked, “Howths my outfit?” with her hands on her hips. She told me it was her “frave-rit ballerina dreths” (favorite ballerina dress).


It was so stinkin’ adorable and, to be honest, if the swimsuit bottom wasn’t visible under the tutu, I might have let her wear it. But only the socks and shoes made the cut.

Instead she opted for a sun dress–again, from last summer and almost too small. No point in fighting over it. Her bum was covered and it made her happy. I just went with it.

Still too cute, right? (Note: Her shoes are on the wrong feet.)

What’s the craziest thing your child has put together to wear? Any particular outfit they like to wear all the time?