How to Explain Hatred

It’s Martin Luther King Day and with the day off I’ve had time to reflect on what today is for. I’ve also had time to ponder the importance of teaching my youngest about Martin Lither King, Jr. and the history he represents.

How do you explain the civil rights movement to a 4 year old who has no concept of such hatred in the world?

How do you tell her that there was a time (not that long ago) that her uncle, an amazing man who loves his wife with everything he has, would have been beaten for looking admiringly at her aunt?

How do you tell her that some of her friends wouldn’t be allowed to go to her preschool? That she would be expected to hate them based on the color of their skin.

She doesn’t see color, not in the way the world does. She doesn’t categorize the importance of people based on the color of their skin, what they have, or who they love.

She simply loves those who love her.

It breaks my heart to know that she will learn, at some point, that there are people in this world who place greater value on the color of your skin rather than who you are as a person.

It is my responsibility as her mother to equip her for encounters with people who have this mindset.

And so rather than explaining hatred,
I will teach her about love.

Loving others regardless of the color of their skin, what they have or who they love.

Loving others when they are less than loving to you.

Loving others who stand for something you’re against.

Those last two are the tough ones. But if I am to be the kind of mother I feel God wants me to be, I have to be examples of those to her as well.

I want her to stand up for what is right but not hate those who are wrong.

Our children aren’t born hating others; it’s something they’re taught.
Parents, as we raise our children, let’s teach them to love before the world teaches them to hate.



Five Things to teach your child

There are so many things, as parents, we want our kids to know before they start school. I’ve stressed over whether or not AH knows her colors, letters, numbers, etc.

But now, being a teacher, I have a new perspective.

So I’ve come up with a list of things I want AH to know before she starts kindergarten.

Top 5 Things to teach your child before starting kindergarten:

5. Boogers are not an afternoon snack. Or breakfast. Or any other time of day snack. For the most part AH doesn’t but I have caught her on occasion taste testing. (Gag.)

4. Wash your hands…don’t wipe them on your clothes. This is obvious in terms of keeping germ spreading to a minimum. But what I didn’t think of, as a parent, is how much gets on kids’ hands while at school. Paint, glue, markers, etc. All can get on clothes and ruin them if hands are wiped instead of washed.

3. Private parts are private. This is self explanatory. However, if your kid is like mine and prefers to hang out in his/her undies all day, you might want to ensure your child knows that home is the only place they can lounge like that.

2. How to tie their own shoes. If I had a quarter for every time I tied shoelaces during day, I might double my salary. This is going to be a challenge for AH. Mainly because most of her shoes don’t even have laces.

And the number one thing to teach your child before they go to kindergarten…
*drum roll*

1. Bathroom Do’s & Don’ts – For instance: Don’t potty anywhere but the toilet (aka don’t write your name on the wall with urine). Do pull your pants up before exiting the bathroom (see number 3). And Do wipe yourself. If you don’t teach your child to take care of this on their own, trust me, they will ask teacher to do it for them. And when the teacher kindly declines, they may even ask to call you to come do it for them. True story.


Brought to you by the letter F in the AtoZ Challenge.


Seeing things from a different view

It’s everywhere you look this evening. News of the Connecticut elementary school shooting is all over the television, Internet and social media.

Another senseless shooting, killing innocent people.

Every time something like this happens, I react as a mother. I think of my own children and how grateful I am that they are healthy and safe.

I can never wrap my head around wicked things that happen like that. But this time it really got to me.

Because now I am a teacher and I have a new perspective that I didn’t have 4 months ago.

I teach small children. Sweet, loving, little children who have never imagined something so horrific was even possible.

I simply cannot fathom someone going into an elementary school with the intention of killing small children. I can’t help but think not only “what if that had been one of my children?” but also, “What if that had been my class, our school?”

I think of each one of my students and their little faces as they walk in my classroom each day and how much I am blessed by who they are.

I think about all those poor babies and what they must have gone through and it infuriates me that someone would turn school into a place where children don’t feel safe.

I just don’t understand it.

Tonight, I will go to bed with a grateful heart as I snuggle with AH, knowing she is safe. And I will thank God for the opportunity to greet my students again on Monday. I know some will not be as fortunate.

From corporate America to the classroom

It’s been a LONG time since my last post. Like, two months. LOTS has happened since I’ve written last.

There was the first day of school.


LD is now an 8th grader, JD is in fifth grade and AH is now in preschool with Ms. A.

AH also started taking dance classes and she is the most adorable tiny dancer. Ever.


Once school started back up life got really busy and I didn’t really have the energy to write.

Since I wrote my last post, I’ve made quite the career change.

I’ve gone from recruiting and managing employees in the staffing industry to managing students in a classroom.

Inner voice- Holy crap. I’m a school teacher!

I really liked my job as a staffing supervisor but always felt drawn to teaching so when the opportunity arose to teach little ones, I jumped at the chance.

So far, I’ve loved it. I go home, completely exhausted, thinking, “This is awesome. I can’t believe this is my job!”

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of lesson planning and organizing craft ideas, I can get back to blogging (and searching Pinterest for school ideas!).

I’m excited to see what the rest of the school year has in store. And for all the teachers out there who may read my humble little blog, I’d love to hear your tricks of the trade.

Happy blogging,