Around the flagpole

A Month of Thanksgivings: Day 10

I am thankful for the United States Marine Corps dress blues uniform.


I was in second grade when I first experienced it.

We had learned patriotic songs for a Veterans Day celebration in which we circled the flag pole and sang after a group of Marines presented the colors.

I remember looking up at them and thinking, “Wow, they’re magical.”

They marched with such purpose. Every step and turn was intentional.

The straight posture, the pressed dark blue jacket, high gloss shoes, low set hat and snow white gloves.

Seriously, it took my breath away.


There’s something captivating about it. Not just because of the way it looks but also because of what it represents.

November 10, 2011–Happy Birthday to the United States Marines

Happy blogging,


Cher said it best…

“If I could turn back time…”
::lick corner of lips in a Cher-like fashion while tossing hair off shoulder::

Cher clearly wasn’t singing about turning back the clock for the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Because I have turned back time. On November 6th at 2 a.m. to be exact. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but my iPhone was on the ball at 2 a.m. that Sunday morning and turned back time for me. Whatever. That time change has totally put a kink in our weekly schedule.

At first it was in the evenings. My sweet little AH would turn into a gremlin at 7 p.m. as though we’d kept her up partying way past her bedtime. This past Sunday and Monday evenings she was asleep nearly an hour before her usual lights out. Sounds great, right? It was on Sunday, but Monday? Not so much. I’m a working mom so my time with her in the evenings(about 2.5 hours) is really all I get until the weekends when I’m off.

So, in an effort to keep the tearful, screaming tantrums to a minimum, bedtime is now at least 30 minutes earlier. Problem solved.

Except now she wakes up earlier and the mornings seem to be a time of debate and boundary testing. She is more defiant about everything. She wants to do anything but what I ask her to do. For the last two mornings, after getting her dressed in whatever it is she agreed to put on, she bawled and squalled because we weren’t going to “go see friends” or “go tricka treat.” By the time we get to the sitter’s house (now 15 minutes late for work) she’s fine.

20111110-144734.jpg Exhibit A: AH wearing Halloween PJ’s, Kai Lan sunglasses, teeth brushed, hair not brushed (I picked my battles)

The point is, when you have a toddler, turning back time really messes with their heads. One little backwards turn of the clock hands can send the entire toddler universe into a tailspin.

I have missed our happy, laughter-filled evenings and I need all the help I can get in the mornings when it comes to punctuality.

Which is why, on Days 8 & 9 of the Month of Thanksgivings,
I am thankful for the evenings and mornings in which we have no fits, tears or flailing of tiny, angry limbs.

Has anyone else experienced a shift in your little one’s behavior since the time change?

Oh Happy Day

Month of Thanksgivings: Day 3

Today, November 3, 2011, I am thankful for the insanity that is my typical Thursday night.


My family is that of the blended nature so we don’t have our oldest two kids all the time.

But Thursdays are one of the nights (outside of our weekends) that our big kids stay with us and The Husband and I get to do all the typical stuff lots of other families do every day and may take for granted. Things that we appreciate being able to do because we can’t most weekdays.

On Thursdays:

We shuffle kids around in the evening to their activities.

We go over homework, spelling words, and study guides while coloring with AH because she wants to do homework too.

We stress out over junior high math homework that somehow we don’t know how to do anymore because the way we were taught is now “wrong” even though we get the same answer.

We have family dinner and talk about our day (on really busy nights this is done while doing homework).

We referee fights over who is going to shower first and who needs to share the sink while brushing teeth (yes, we are a household with ONE bathroom).

We sign planners, pick out pajamas, pack lunches and more times than not, get to bed later than intended.

But on Thursdays we get to kiss all three of our children goodnight and tuck all of them in. I know the day is coming soon when they tell us they don’t need us to tuck them in (LD is almost 13 and JD is 10) but we’ll do it for as long as they’ll let us.

By the end of the night, The Husband and I are exhausted. Yet there’s a sense of comfort knowing your kids are soundly sleeping in their rooms and you got to be the last face they saw before drifting off to dream land.

Yes, Thursdays are madness.
But on Thursdays, we are together.


Happy blogging,

A Month of Thanksgivings

This week on Facebook, I’ve noticed people updating their status for each day of November, detailing each day what they’re thankful for.

I’m going to take on this task for a couple of reasons:

1. I’m working on being more positive with my words.

Recently, my small group read the book of James. The book is about words and our tongue and how we use it. James 3:1-10 really speaks about the power your mouth has. It really makes you look at yourself and the words you speak.

The other reason I’m giving this Facebook Month of Thanksgivings is:

2. I’m great at uploading pictures, but not so good at updating my status.

Case in point? My last status update was a few days ago when The Husband hijacked my personal FB page while I was dealing with a constipated 2yo in the bathtub.

Seriously, this is what he wrote:

“My wife is so gangsta….she just bare handed a turd out of AH’s bath water.”

And so for the sake of my personal attitude reform and my Facebook page, I’ve decided to take this idea and use it for my blog, too. Plus, it’s an easy daily blog post idea, right?? Being that today is now November 3rd, I’ve got some catching up to do.


Month of Thanksgivings: Day 1

I am thankful to motherhood for making me a person who would gladly “bare hand a turd” from bath water if it means my kid finally goes number two.


Happy blogging,