Hoarders in my handbag

Ever clean out your purse, look at the contents, and think,

“If there was an episode of hoarders that specifically targeted purses, I would so be on that show.”

No?… Just me?…Hmm.

So, I decided to clean out my great abyss of a handbag and found this…


Some of these things I wasn’t surprised to find. My phone, lip gloss, dental floss, the fancy pen made by The Hubs.

And then… there was the Barbie leg.

Yes, y’all. I found a Barbie leg in my purse.

I understand that I share a bag with my toddler’s stuff. Bows, Cutie oranges, Munchkin scented waste bags, her claims ticket for church. But somehow, I missed the moment when I stuffed one of Barbie’s appendages inside the zipper pocket.

Who knows how long it’s been buried beneath all the bracelets, paper clips, and free matchbooks from restaurants.

But i know it was sometime after this picture was taken…(notice two legs on the Barbs)


So, what’s the most random thing you’ve found it your purse?