Mismatched masterpiece

Tonight, AH and I made salt dough ornaments together. This craft is particularly special to me because I used to make them with my great aunt when I was a kid. She had ridiculous patience with me in the kitchen (something I am probably lacking with AH). I had pictured this whole Pinterest Board/Hallmark commercial moment in my mind of fun holiday craft time but she wasn’t as into it as I had dreamt up. She was a little lackluster about the whole thing. Until it came time to use the gingerbread cookie cutter and then again when it was time to decorate. She loves to draw so I gave her some markers and let her do her own thing.



Here’s a look at some of her creations…


She has a story for each one:
The red gingerbread– it’s actually “a gingerbread girl with a red princess dress on.”
The two on the bottom– “Those are the little guys who try to steal Santa’s sleigh.”
and “The green dots are his teeth.”

It fits right in on our mismatched, kids’-crafts-over-the-years, memory collection of a Christmas tree.

They’re so cute and totally her creation; Un-hallmarked and Pinterest board free.