Snow cones come in 2nd

This past week our church hosted Vacation Bible School (VBS) and all five members of The WoMoHolic clan participated. The kids attended classes while The Husband and I volunteered.

And AH is still talking about all the fun she had. (love it❤)

She asks me each day,
“Mama, are we going to B-B-S-Bacation-Bible-School today?!”

She continues to tell me about all the things she did.

“Mama, I play a in-shruh-mint for music at B-B-S-Bacation-Bible-School!”

“At B-B-S-Bacation-Bible-School, I saw my stis-ster and my brudder!”

“I colored a baby Jesus at B-B-S-Bacation-Bible-School!”

“Mama, I can sing ya-ya-ya-yes to ba-ba-ba-B-B-S!”

So, I asked her what her favorite part of VBS was. I was so sure she was going to say, “the playground” or “eating snow cones.”

But I was wrong.

When asked, “What was your most favorite part of Vacation Bible School?”

She gently tapped her index finger on her chin and then said with her toddler lisp, “Um…my friendths!”

Made my heart happy.


Happy blogging,