Family Matters

A Month of Thanksgivings: Family Matters

On Friday night (Day 18), I was thankful for quality time spent with JD and The Husband.

And Saturday, (Day 19) I was thankful for quality time spent with LD.


Family life in general can get hectic with school, work and extracurricular activities. This can make it hard to have quality time with family. Add in the fact that we don’t see our oldest two kids everyday, and this gives us less time to spend together and even less one-on-one time with each kid.

Since LD and JD were little–long before AH came along–we’ve made a point to spend time with each child individually and have Family Night. Sometimes it’s a day of planned fun and other times it’s just something simple, like playing board games or a trip to the grocery store where they get to pick what we have for dinner/dessert.

Of course, the older they get, the less entertaining Family Night sounds to them. Plus, we added a little sister to the mix, so one-on-one time can be more challenging but we try to seize the moments when we can.

For instance, this past Friday, LD was staying at a friends house, so after AH went to bed, The Husband and I stayed up, ate popcorn and watched a movie with JD.

And on Saturday, while AH was napping, LD and I made cupcakes together and watched shows on Netflix.

I know it’s not likely they’ll ever thank us for the times we said “No, it’s family night,” when they asked to do something exponentially more fun than play Pictureka or Scrabble with their folks.

But hopefully, when they’re grown, they’ll look back on our family time and know how important it was to us that we had that time together. Even if it made us uncool parents for a little while.




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