HWW Countdown

This time of year there’s just something in the air. A cheerful spirit in people who typically, well, aren’t. A carefree excitement of sorts. A buzz of anticipation while awaiting…

    The Holiday Work Week

That’s right, y’all. Offices everywhere are trying to stifle their happiness, hold in their mad laughter, keep from doing cartwheels outside their cubicles.


    In 2010 I had Holiday Work Week-itis. (see above)

All year long, like children looking forward to their summer break, grown men and women in corporate America count down the days ’til Holiday Work Week season begins.

But the HWW isn’t just a short week in which you get days off without having to use hard earned vacation. It’s a time of exhale and reflection on all the times you nearly pulled all your hair out or drop kicked the water cooler from deadline stress. Its an accomplishment; you made it through a year of crazy busy hustle and bustle.

The Holiday Work Week is your reward.

So…Happy Holiday Work Week to my fellow HWW observers!! May your work week be quiet and your work load be light.

Happy blogging,

P.S. I’m so thankful for The HWW that it takes up Days 20-23 of the Month of Thanksgivings.