Thank you for being a friend…(cue Golden Girls music)


(Golden Girl theme fades...)
Dear Liz,

This is one of my fave coffee mugs in my mismatched collection. I bought it at a resale shop years ago because it reminds me of Holly Hobbie and reminds me of you. When I look at it, I am grateful to have such a great friend in you. A friendship that feels like home; like we’ve known each other all our lives (instead of since the 7th grade). When I drink my coffee out of it, I feel like we’re having coffee together even though chances are you’re still sleeping because all your children have learned the common courtesy of sleeping in and my Tink, well, has not. So, now I’m about to enjoy a glass of milk and the next to last cookie left from the baker’s dozen you delivered earlier…I have hidden the last one and will tell no one of its whereabouts.

I love you & your crazy bunch,

P.S. Remember when you couldn’t even boil water??? Now you’re giving Paula Dean a run for her money! Way proud of you. 😉

(Commence with Golden Girl theme song…)

The Husband is my homeboy…and other Photo Challenge stuff

I read the photo prompt for Day 22 (Home) and started thing about what picture to post. Of course I thought the obvious choice of a picture featuring my casa, because that’s the easy “home” choice. But I thought more about what makes it my home and decided to use this…

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the only thing that make our house our home. Our entire family, the memories we make and our community make this place home for us. But one day our kids will grow up and move away and it will be us. We may or may not have our memory (I kid… sort of) but, God willing, we’ll be together. Where he is, is home.

Day 23 – Pair

JD and LD are quite the pair. One minute they love each other (but won’t admit it) and the next they’re trying to cause each other bodily harm.

But when it comes down to it, their bond is stronger than even they realize. They have been the constant in each others’ lives for the last 11 years; the one union that has remained in their world since it began…each other.

They have been through a lot together and I hope as adults they realize how lucky they were to have had each other through it all.

Day 24 – Path

This? My friends, is what the path to Muffintop Ville looks like. I got together for coffee with Liz, author of Staying Home and Staying Sane and BFF Extraordinaire and, lets just say we had a bit of a sweet tooth. So we ordered lots of desserts and nearly ate. Them. ALL.

And we won’t apologize for it.

We will, however, justify it with the fact that dessert was actually our dinner so there were really not any extra calories eaten. Or something like that.

Day 25 – Fresh

It’s back to school time and that means a fresh new start on the school year, fresh new clothes and school supplies and, for many, fresh new haircuts. Which gave me the opportunity to show off this beautimous blonde after she got her hair cut this past weekend.


Day 26 – Dream

This was one of those mornings when multiple kids ended up in our bed and somehow they ended up going back to sleep and we were up. How is that even fair?! Every parent’s dream is sleeping late on weekends and they are livin’ it up. AH was even snoring.


The Photo a Day August Challenge is winding down…one more week!!

Happy blogging,