Just a couple of Beach Bums

After coming home from our weekend vacation, I had a couple days off. The time off was unexpected so I hadn’t really planned anything for AH and I to do.

Yesterday, we spent the day lounging around while I caught up on laundry from the weekend and straightened up the house.

We jumped on the trampoline, found pictures in the clouds, AH rode her tricycle and we went to dinner with friends that evening.

Today, with all the To Do’s done, when AH woke up, I decided we would make it a beach day.

It took a while for us to actually get on the road (shocker!). After packing snacks, drinks, towels, sunscreen, mosquito spray, baby powder (to get the sand off), lawn chairs, beach toys and AH’s accessories, we were finally beach bound.


The beaches near to us aren’t white sand and clear blue-green water but I enjoy going just the same. AH loved it from the moment we got there.



She was hilarious. She waved and said hello to every passerby while we were there. And she was skittish about the waves. She would run up to them and hold her arms out but then once the waves started coming towards her, she would run away smiling.



We played in the water, built sand castles, drew in the sand, ate snacks, and played some more.


I love days off when I get to spend time with my kids. Days when there are no plans and no obligations.

AH was sad to leave the beach but it was good to know she had such a good time.

When she woke up from her nap, she hugged me tight and said, “I had fun at the beach, mama.”

Ahh. Made the hour of prep work trying to leave the house totally worth it.

Happy blogging,