Pooh on my elbow

On the first day of this year’s Month of Thanksgivings, I am thankful for Band Aids.

I’m not what I’d call a klutz but I pulled a stunt a couple days ago that makes me wonder.

As I mentioned in my recent post, I recently became a school teacher. Which means I get recess! Okay, I don’t get recess but my students do so that means I spend some time on the playground, so to speak.

Well, it was time to go inside, so I was calling to one of my kids over my shoulder (not watching where I was walking) and I totally ate it. I don’t mean a cutesy stumble then land on my rear. I’m talking head on, spread eagle, face down on the grass, scraped elbow and all.

If you’re anything like me, this makes you laugh, almost uncontrollably. But I had to hold in the laughter because I’ve told my little ones that it’s not nice to laugh when someone is hurt.

And their faces were like, “BOOM. That just happened.”

So, I dusted myself off, finished lining up my class and chuckled to myself all the way inside.

But on the way in, a student in a totally different grade in a completely different area outside asked, “Are you okay? I saw you trip back there.”

Awesome. There are others who saw my fight with the ground and knew I took a beat down.

It’s ok.

‘Cause now I get to sport these nifty Winnie The Pooh band aids on my battle wound.


Happy blogging and better balance,