What bad dreams are made of

AH tossed and turned all night with bad dreams. Even after putting her in bed with us, she kicked and whined. It was like watching a puppy when they’re sleeping and they suddenly start barking in their sleep; you wonder what it is they could be dreaming about.

After trying everything to comfort her so she would be quiet so I could get some sleep sleep soundly, she was still stirring. And by stirring, I mean running her feet up my back as though she were climbing stairs.

She was talking in her sleep, so I asked her what was wrong. I hoped that I could figure out what it was she was dreaming about that had her so upset.

I asked her, “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Her response?

“I can’t do it. I can’t do it all by myselllfff.”

Ah, of course.
Because what’s more troubling to a 3 year than not being able to something by his/her self?

Absolutely nothing.

Happy blogging,

1 thought on “What bad dreams are made of

  1. Hi, just poppin’ in real quick…no blogging for me much during the summer w/kids home.
    Usually, whenever my kids have nightmares, it’s because they are too hot. I can’t get them to stop wrapping themselves in their blankets like burritos. It’s summer…it’s HOT! But apparently, they are MAGIC blankets that protect them from room monsters. Wrap themselves up to sleep, then get too hot & sweaty, and that’s the issue, can’t get them to stop doing that. We had to go buy one of those mobile a/c units that hook up to your window and take some space on the floor. They work well, but you can’t run anything else or it trips the electricity. We have to cool the room down for use of blankets. Seems counter-productive, but we parents do whatever it takes to make nightmares leave.

    Lake Forest, CA

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