Father’s Day Flu

Well, the Father’s Day Fairy visited our house and left such a thoughtful gift for both The Husband AND JD to enjoy today (insert sarcasm).

I’m not sure why JD was included in the gift giving. The only thing I could come up with is its Father’s Day and he might one day be a father so, what the heck, why not?

Anyone care to guess what it is? Never mind, it’s really not that exciting so I’ll spare you the guessing game.

It’s the stomach flu.
At least that’s what I think it is.

How does one diagnose a stomach flu vs. a stomach bug?

Are they one in the same?

I guess it doesn’t really matter because either way I’ve got two puke-tastic guys on my hands.

It’s probably pretty crappy (pun intended) to be them right about now but, really, they’re kinda living the high life. Lying around the house not lifting a finger, as much uninterrupted sleep as they want.

The husband hasn’t stood for longer than it takes to walk from the couch to the bedroom and I’m waiting on each of them, making sure they have Gatorade, saltines and ibuprofen. Did I mention that I have an ear infection?

I don’t remember any of this happening when I had my gallbladder removed (this may be due, in part, to heavy pain meds, but whatev). In fact, I remember being home two days after surgery caring for a sick two year old.

But I digress.

I really do hate to see them sick.

And AH does, too. She has been worried all day about when we are “going to Happy Father’s Day” (she thinks it’s a place). And when I tell her that today is Father’s Day and daddy’s tummy hurts, she says, “No way, Jose. We’re at home not at Happy Father’s Day.” and then, “I get daddy a ban-dan and water for his tummy.” (Note: The Husband now has a band aid clad belly button and a glass of water on the nightstand).

LD wishes them well, too…I think. She’s a teenager so she’s all, “yeah, puking stinks…can we go to Walmart?” as she texts on her phone, which I’m pretty sure translates to, “I’m so sorry y’all feel bad, can I get you anything?”

Hopefully this all passes quickly and they get better soon. Also, I’m really hoping none of us girls get it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

In the mean time, I’m making a list of what I want for Mother’s Day.

I’m thinking the stomach flu might not be so bad.

Happy blogging,


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