In through your nose & out your mouth

Yesterday, my family took a trip to Lowe’s. This doesn’t sound like an amazing journey or daring adventure, but with all of us in a car together, it can be quite entertaining.

And because I view most things as a writing opportunity, I usually take pictures of moments when we’re all together.

We look like normal people, don’t we?

Then, this happens…

JD leans over and says,
“Hey LD, did you know that if you put your headphones up your nose and open you mouth, you can hear music?”

LD says, “Whatever, JD. No way…wait. What?! For real?”

He assures her It works but she isn’t satisfied with just taking his word for it.

So LD tries it out…


Which makes her laugh her face off.


Which then makes AH laugh her face off…


We all had a good time laughing at LD and her new-found radio skill.

Just for the record, it really does work. When you put headphones up your nose; you can hear the music coming our of your mouth. You should totally try it sometime.

Happy blogging,


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