Smiles, waves & inappropriate greetings

AH was being a complete angel in the grocery store this evening. No fits. No whining. No asking for something I would surely say “no” to.

And when I told her she didn’t need five packs of Jello she simply said, “Okay, mama” and we moved on.

We were enjoying ourselves as we rounded aisle 5 when AH began to wave and smile. I asked her, “Who are you waving at?”

She said, “Mama, I’m waving to that lady.”

I turned around and there was an elderly lady pushing her cart and smiling back at AH.

She was turning onto the same aisle we were and as she neared our cart, AH began waving again.

I was beaming because my little girl was being so sweet and well behaved.

Then, in true AH fashion, she smiled, continued waving and said loudly,
“Hi, old lady!”

Either the lady was hard of hearing, or so nice that she pretended not to hear what AH said. I played it off as I smiled and continued to the next aisle.

Once we got all the things we needed and got in the checkout line, the same lady got in line behind us.


Kids say the darnedest things. What has your kid said that made you want to hide under a rock?


5 thoughts on “Smiles, waves & inappropriate greetings

  1. That is such a cute story! My daughter went through a phase when she wore a sweatshirt with kitty ears, and a kitty nose all the time. I started to notice that she was the only kid on the Big Toy dressed like that, except for the occasional princess, but no other small animals. Childhood goes by way too fast, it wasn’t hurting anything, and I loved that she got such enjoyment from exercising her imagination. Still, I kind of dreaded that first moment of self-consciousness, when she might notice she was the only kitty on the playground.
    Once she was seated in my grocery cart while wearing her kitty ears and nose. As I came up to the checkout stand, the checker looked at her kitty nose and asked, “Is that thing real?”
    I arched an eyebrow, and said, “A gentleman doesn’t ask.” I am pleased to say the young fellow actually blushed!

    • Such a cute story! My lil one has been known to wear a costume or two out in public. I’m like you;I appreciate the imagination and confidence it takes to sport a kitty nose when no one else has one on 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your experience.

  2. WHen the kids would say mean things to each other I would say “Don’t be ugly to each other” so one day me and Wyatt were eating at Luby’s and a Little old man walked by with a very grouchy face Wyatt yells “Momma he is ugly” meaning he looks mean not he is unattractive. I really hope he couldn’t hear as well. Ashley would shout things like “Momma look at his crazy hair” someone had really curly short red hair then turned and said ” and look he doesn’t have ANY hair” thanks kid!

  3. When my son Charles has about 3 (maybe 4) years old we were standing in line at the grocery store on an especially busy day and after closely watching an elderly man roll by in his wheelchair very loudly asked while pointing, “Daddy look!!! That man has robot legs!” All I could do is shake my head.

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