Driving Miss Crazy

This evening, I picked up the girls after I got off work and we went for a joy ride.

This is what it looked like…


For those of you looking at this thinking, “Gasp! She’s 13! You let her drive?!”
Relax. We were in the middle of nowhere on back roads in the country and we went slow.

But AH was totally freaked out. Can’t you tell?


She didn’t seem to care that we switched places and now her sister was driving. She just wanted to wear my shades because she said, “Mommy,the sun is looking at my eyes. I need you sunglasses.”

It lasted all of 10 minutes but we had a blast. It didn’t cost a lot of money. We weren’t driving anywhere exotic. It was just a mom and her daughters simply enjoying the ride.

Happy Blogging,


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