Hoarders in my handbag

Ever clean out your purse, look at the contents, and think,

“If there was an episode of hoarders that specifically targeted purses, I would so be on that show.”

No?… Just me?…Hmm.

So, I decided to clean out my great abyss of a handbag and found this…


Some of these things I wasn’t surprised to find. My phone, lip gloss, dental floss, the fancy pen made by The Hubs.

And then… there was the Barbie leg.

Yes, y’all. I found a Barbie leg in my purse.

I understand that I share a bag with my toddler’s stuff. Bows, Cutie oranges, Munchkin scented waste bags, her claims ticket for church. But somehow, I missed the moment when I stuffed one of Barbie’s appendages inside the zipper pocket.

Who knows how long it’s been buried beneath all the bracelets, paper clips, and free matchbooks from restaurants.

But i know it was sometime after this picture was taken…(notice two legs on the Barbs)


So, what’s the most random thing you’ve found it your purse?


4 thoughts on “Hoarders in my handbag

  1. I have 3 Super Heroes in my purse along with 1 glove for Rhys, bouncy balls and jumbo crayons. But what would we do without it all? My purse would be so light!

  2. When its time for me to clean out mine I usually get a new one and just leave all the unwanted stuff in the old one!! I have boys so I usually have hotwheels and colors all the time!!

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