Worth the extra drive time

A Month of Thanksgivings: Day 16

Today I’m thankful for being able to take my 2yo to a loving, structured, in-home child care provider each day while I’m at work.

I wish I could be home with AH but I can’t. And the place I take her to adds 20 minutes on to my daily commute isn’t exactly on my way to work. But it’s a relief to know she’s at a place during the day where she won’t get lost in a crowd of other kids, she’ll have the structure of day care but will be in a home environment and Ms. A, the woman who cares for her, is really invested in each one of the children she takes care of.


Ms. A interacts with the kids, they do crafts, sing songs, read books, play outside and most recently, learn knock knock jokes 🙂

Today is Ms. A’s birthday.

So this post is a “Thank You” to her for being so great with my kid. Because it means so much more than just having a place to take her during the day where her basic necessities are met.

The fact that you truly love the kids you care for gives me peace of mind that I wouldn’t have if I took her to a traditional day care.


Thank you for all you do and Happy Birthday.



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