Bookworm Baby

A Month of Thanksgivings: Day 15

Every workday has its morning and evening routine. And part of AH’s routine in the evenings is to come home, shed everything but the diaper and head straight to her books to “read.”

Of course she’s not actually reading, but she knows many of the stories by heart so it seems like she is, even though she’s only reciting what’s been read to her.

She’s loved being read to since she was a baby and naturally, as she gets older and wants to be more independent, likes to be the one to read.

I’m amazed at her ability to memorize story after story. By two years old she could recite The Little Red Hen, Daddy Loves Me & On The Night You Were Born, to name a few.

I am thankful for my daughter’s love of books and I hope her love of reading is something that stays with her into adulthood.


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