>Where does the time go?

>This weekend my AH celebrated her second birthday.

It seems like yesterday I was staring into her screaming pink face with tears in my eyes experiencing love at first sight.

She was beautiful, almost bald and looked just like her daddy.

And now my baby is not such a baby anymore.

I replay the last 24 months in my mind like pictures on a movie roll set to The Wonder Years theme song. It has gone by so fast, too fast.

I take pictures constantly and I’ve almost convinced myself if I can capture time on film, then maybe I can make it stop. Like I can freeze time in an image and keep her little and safe and close to me forever.

Of course I want her to grow up and have dreams and serve God and have babies of her own one day. But it all just seems to be passing so fast.

It has been amazing to watch her change and learn and develop her own not-so-little personality. She’s not super girlie; she loves baby dolls, shoes AND Thomas the Tank Engine and Legos. She likes to snuggle and read. She’s strong willed, which I like to call “passionate,” about what she likes and what she doesn’t. She’s a sweetheart and a firecracker all at the same time.

It is an honor to be her mother and I am eternally grateful God blessed me with such a miraculous gift.



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